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Charting a Course to a Better Life

A valued mentor once said to me, “Sometimes we can save the whole world but we can’t find our own way out of a paper bag.” He was commenting on the situation we humans find ourselves in when dealing with overwhelming worry, loss or trauma. On the surface, some people appear to have it all, but many are silently suffering on the inside. One of the biggest challenges we humans face is recognizing when we are stuck in a pattern of dysfunctional behavior. One of the subsequent challenges after that is asking for professional help to navigate a way out of that dysfunctional space.

“Sometimes we can save the whole world but we can’t find our own way out of a paper bag.”

Anxiety, addiction, depression and psychosis are equal opportunity conditions, and have no qualms about striking people of all back grounds, regardless of intellect, race, gender, creed or strength of character. If you are on this page because you are facing these challenges, I commend you, as you have overcome the first obstacle blocking you from change.

Mental health encompasses the physical, psychological and the spiritual dimension. I see my role as your consultant. Together we will figure out how social, biological and historical factors brought you where you are today, identify your strengths, and work together to develop a treatment plan that helps you chart a course to a better life.

Visit to Sterling Care Group to see how to map your journey.

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